What Does Acupressure Really Do?

What Does Acupressure Really Do?


I remember the first time I heard about an acupressure mat. I was sceptical, but open minded. Being a ballet dancer, I had of course tried massage, acupuncture, fascial release, dry needling, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and pretty much every other manual therapy that you could imagine. While I'd found relief from many problems with these techniques, it was still hard to comprehend that a mat could provide any of the same effects....

But it did!

Herein lies the beauty of Ajnamat. It is a tool that is accessible to all, so easy to use, inexpensive, and offers immediate results with no nasty side effects.

Don't get me wrong, there's still a time and place for professional body work, and I like to use both. Still, Ajnamat has become a staple in my self-care routine.

But what is acupressure? Well I'll hand the baton over to blogger Amanda, from Save Serenity, who recently wrote about this topic when reviewing our very own Ajnamat Pillow. 


Amanda also wrote a shining review of our Ajnamat. Check it out here!



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