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Our Story

Welcome to Ajna Wellbeing! We're so happy that you found us here, and that you're ready to take the next step in your journey towards optimal health and happiness!


We're an Aussie sister team and we created Ajna Wellbeing inspired by a mutual passion for natural remedies and sustainable living. Our mission? To provide beautiful and exceptional quality products that enrich our customer's lives, and in turn, the lives of those they care about most. We did this by focusing on what we consider to be our greatest asset, our health.


Our approach to wellbeing is reflected in our provisions. Each product strives to tap in to your body's innate intelligence, and allow it to thrive to it's fullest capacity. Our offerings are sustainable, not just for you, but also for the Planet. We maintain a holistic outlook, considering how we can nourish the whole self- body, mind, and soul, all while treading lightly on Earth.


Lastly, we hope that we can inspire you to practice self care and self compassion, and to settle for nothing less than your most epic life! We're here with you for the ride.


With love and gratitude,


Founders - Georgie & Gemma



What is AJNA Wellbeing


We are part of the holistic health movement. A mindful and intuitive way of healing and thriving.


We don’t believe in “health” fads, and we don’t believe that chemicals, artificial ingredients, and toxic substances should be accepted as part of everyday life.


In fact, we want to show you how good you can feel by using natural, eco-friendly products that ARE good for you and DO deliver lasting results, without harmful side effects.


Our products are created with one goal in mind - a happier you. Whether it’s though increased energy, less stress, or pain relief, we believe that each our products will bring more happiness to your life, and the lives of those you care about most.


If you listen to the advertising and media, they will tell you that there’s a new miracle “cure-all” drug or diet every week. But, if we're told is true, then why are most people more unhealthy than ever? Our Ajna (intuition) knows better. It knows that there are safe and holistic remedies to help you live life to your full potential.


We are Ajna Warriors, and we nourish our bodies and souls!

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