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"I love my Ajnamat so much. I get regular acupuncture, but lying on this mat has allowed me to deeply stimulate my chi even when I'm not getting poked with needles! I lie on it every night before bed and it's the perfect way to prepare my body for sleep."


  • Introducing our beautiful acupressure mats, AJNAMAT.

    AJNAMAT aims to restore health and balance to your body, bringing with it a sense of calm and wellbeing. Each mat has over 5000 specially designed spikes that activate the body’s natural healing response, relieve tension, and unblock stagnant energy pathways.

    Our therapeutic mats have been lovingly designed to be both functional and aesthetically striking. Each mat is crafted using high quality, eco-friendly materials, from the luxurious GOTS Certified Organic linen and cotton cover, to the HIPS medical grade plastic spikes, all the way to the antibacterial coconut fiber filling. This attention to detail ensures you will be able to use and enjoy your AJNAMAT for many years to come.

  • Benefits you may experience from using the AJNAMAT are:

    - Relief from muscle tension and pain

    -Improved quality of sleep

    -Improved mood as the mat stimulates endorphins

    -Stress reductionIncrease in blood circulation, this is said to help eliminate cellulite!

    -Reinvigorates your body

  • Uses for AJNAMAT are only limited to your imagination. Some of our favorite suggestions include:

    -Before bed to induce and promote a more restful sleep

    -At the office, try sitting or standing on AJNAMAT while you work

    -For any sport related aches and painsTo promote circulation to tired legs

    -Take your meditation to a whole new level by incorporating AJNAMAT

    -Find gentle stimulation and release in various yoga asanas (poses)

    -While reading, holding your baby, watching the stars, taking in some sun….the list goes on

    -We recommend using your mat for anywhere from 5 minutes per position. While you may experience results immediately, using your mat daily can offer even greater results. To take your mat with you everywhere you go (and trust us, you will want to!) it comes in a beautiful GOTS Certified organic linen and cotton carry bag.


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    Clinical Physician Tick of Approval


    Made with love and care


    GOTS Certified Linen and Cotton Cover


    Made with Eco-Friendly Materials


    HIPS Medical Grade Spikes


    Anti-Bacterial Coconut Fibre Filling

  • The objective of this study was to determine whether needle pad stimulation (acupressure mat) affects self-reported pain and/or sensory thresholds in patients with chronic neck and lower back pain. The researchers followed 40 patients with chronic neck pain, and 42 patients with chronic back pain. Treatment involved the use of needle stimulation pad once daily for 30 minutes, for 14 days.

    The results of the study revealed the following:

    Substantial potential for alleviating chronic neck and back pain

    Increased pain threshold in individuals

    Increased relaxation leading to healthier and better living.

    A benefit of the pad is that it’s easy to use, safe, and does not require a therapist

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  • With proper care, your mat should last for many years. Use a cloth and a non-toxic cleaner to gently wipe down your mat after use. We also recommend that do this before your first use, as most yoga mats incur a thin layer of residue during the production process. Airing your mat out from time to time will also increase the lifespan of your mat.
    Perhaps you’ve taken your mat to the park or beach. What now? Simply wash your mat in the tub with some warm water and detergent, and she’ll be good as new.
    We’ll leave that up to you! Generally, people like using the jute fiber side to practice on (the natural materials will contribute to grounding you!), but our mats are reversible and can be used on either side.
    Our mats are made from meshing organic Jute and PER (Polymer Environmental Resin) together. The result is a beautifully textured mat that is both durable and functional, whilst also being 100% biodegradable. Jute is one of nature’s most sustainable fibers, taking only 4 months to grow to maturity. PER is a type of eco synthetic rubber, and like jute, is bio-degradable. It contains no PVC, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, phenols, PAH’s, latex, rubber, or silicone.
    Our mats are made in China under strict ethical guidelines. We work closely with our Chinese colleagues to supply you with products that consistently meet Ajna Wellbeing’s exacting requirements. Upon arrival in the US, the mats undergo a second quality assessment before they are shipped to customers.
    It’s not uncommon for your mat to be a bit slippery at first, but rest assured that as the jute softens with use, your mat will become much more grippy. To help break your mat in faster you can try the method outlined here, that uses salt to soften the fibers.
    You don’t have to throw your old mat into landfill. Try one of these creative and ideas, and give your mat a second life! -Protect your car seats while traveling with pets -Wrap delicate items up when moving house -Cut small squares and place under furniture to avoid damaging hard floors -Use under houseplants -Line a cupboard for muddy shoes -Keep one in the car for any spur of the moment picnics -Cut a square to help open stubborn jar lids
    Our mats are best suited to Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Kundalini, Pilates, and Stretching. If you sweat a lot or practice Bikram, our mat is suitable for use with a thin towel over the top
    We are very proud and grateful to be able to support One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization focused on planting trees around the world. With the sale of any Ajna Yoga Mat or Ajnamat, we donate $1 to One Tree Planted, who in turn plants a tree in one of four locations spanning the globe. These areas have often been subject to over-exploitation, wildfire, and drought. Planting trees positively affects everything from the air we breathe and climate change, to providing timber for housing and shelter.
    We can say with confidence that these mats are our absolute favorite. We tested many varieties and materials during the creation process and found that this combo always had us returning for more. The feel, the density, the look…it will make your yoga experience all the more enjoyable! Aside from that, this mat ticks all of our environmental prerequisites. Other mats, such as those made from PVC, release dioxins and other carcinogens into their surroundings during manufacturing and can be absorbed through your largest organ- your skin. By using jute and PER, we make a safe environment for both our customers and our manufacturers. Additionally, PVC mats are not biodegradable or recyclable, and hence an unsustainable choice. We want our mats to last for years, not forever.
    Our mats are extra long at 72 inches, and 5mm thick. We chose this thickness as it cushions your joints, but is not so thick that you lose your panic (energetic) connection to the earth.

The Ajnamat inspiration

NATURAL HEALING FROM THE INSIDE, OUT: Our GOTS Certified organic cotton and linen spiked mat is just what your body needs for pain relief, healing, and blood and lymphatic circulation. The ergonomic spikes that cover the Ajnamat help to activate the body’s natural healing receptors and unblock stagnant energy pathways. Each mat has over 5,000 lotus-like spikes that effectively treat numerous pains and health issues.

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