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How To Do Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

How To Do Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

@emmydoesyoga demonstrates a beautiful bow pose, on her Ajna Eco Jute Yoga Mat 


Why Practice Bow Pose?

Whether it's on the couch, or at the office, many of spend too much time sitting. We become closed off, both physically and emotionally.

Backbends are the perfect antidote to this modern-day pitfall. In this article we're going to look at one in particular that will open up the whole front side of your body, and leave you alert, de-stressed, and energised. This pose is of course Bow Pose, or Dhanurasana.

Bow pose is aptly named after the shape of an archers bow that it imitates. There many variations of this pose- side bow, kneeling bow, half bow, and standing bow, all which can serve as great alternatives, or preparatory poses for the full Dhanurasana.



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What Are The Benefits Of Bow Pose?

Opens chest and shoulders

Strengthens back

Stretches quadriceps

Aids Digestion

Energises the body

Provides Stress Relief



We love this creative bow pose variation by @danismovement, on her Ajna Wellbeing Acupressure mat set



How To Perform Bow Pose?

1) Lie on your belly, with your hands by your side

2) Bend your knees and reach back and take hold of the outer egde of your feet

3) Make sure your pubic bone is pressing into the groud, and your tail bone is lengthening toward your knees

4) On the inhale press feet into hands to lift chest and thighs off the floor

5) Keep actively pressing the backs of feet into the hands, feeling an opening across the chest, and activation of the back muscles

6) Stay for a few breaths, breathing into your chest and ribs, allowing the body to rock naturally forward and back

7) Exhale to lower, then gently release your ankles

8) To go deeper into the pose, bring the thighs closer together, and consider 'flipping' your grip, so that your elbows point forward.


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Bow Pose Modifications

With a yoga strap-

Place a yoga strap around your ankle. Hold the opposite end of the strap. Work slowly towards closing the gap between foot and hand.

With a yoga bolster-

Use a yoga bolster or rolled up blanket under your hips to elevate them and make the pose a little less intense, and a little more restorative. You can really take your time and enjoy the opening of the front body in this variation.


Using a yoga bolster, such as this Ajna Wellbeing Eco Bolster, can assist you in getting more height in bow pose, while decreasing intensity




Who Should Avoid Bow Pose?

Avoid Bow pose if you have any of the following contradictions:

High or low blood pressure



Back or neck injury




Once you've mastered the basics of this yoga pose, why not try some fun variations like this twisty bow by @simonagyoga, on her Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Cushion 



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