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Eco-Lite Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set - Ocean Blue

'The mat and pillow both work amazingly well to relieve muscle tension, headaches, and stress. I use a pillow against my back in the car on my commute and a mat on my chair at work and have another set on my sofa at home and I’ve had significant relief from everyday aches and tension. My massage therapist even noticed a difference!'

- Christine on Eco-Lite Acupressure Set

  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Ajna Eco Lite is a therapeutic acupressure mat and pillow set that offers a simple and effective way to find moments of calm in your hectic day. The unique 'spikes' that target hundreds of pressure points on your body help you to re-energize, de-stress, reduce pain, and release feel-good hormones, all in a matter of minutes.

  • Ajna Eco Lite harnesses your body’s natural healing powers, so it’s 100% natural. It’s also made from eco-friendly, non-toxic, plant-based materials, making it just as good for the Earth as it is for you!

  • Outer Covers and bag - 100% cotton, toxin-free dye
    Inner Mat - Eco Foam
    Spikes - HIPS Plastic - no glue is used, it is a heat transfer process
    Inner Pillow - Cotton

  • FAQ’S
  • Biodegradable












  • The objective of this study was to determine whether needle pad stimulation (acupressure mat) affects self-reported pain and/or sensory thresholds in patients with chronic neck and lower back pain. The researchers followed 40 patients with chronic neck pain, and 42 patients with chronic back pain. Treatment involved the use of needle stimulation pad once daily for 30 minutes, for 14 days.

      Substantial potential for alleviating chronic neck and back pain
      Increased pain threshold in individuals
      Increased relaxation leading to healthier and better living.
      A benefit of the pad is that it’s easy to use, safe, and does not require a therapist

  • What is acupressure?

    Acupressure is an ancient therapy that originated in India and developed further in Japan as Shiatsu massage. Acupressure uses the fingers, thumbs, and certain tools, such as an acupressure mat, to apply pressure to various areas in the body called pressure points. The pressure that is applied stimulates the release of blocked energy and increases circulation in the targeted areas, which brings about various therapeutic benefits.

    How does the Ajnamat work?

    The Ajnamat uses the same principles as acupressure and has been designed with more than 5,000 spikes that help to activate the natural healing abilities of your body.

    What are the benefits of using the Ajnamat?

    Acupressure has been shown to provide various benefits, including:

      Increased blood circulation.
      Pain relief.
      Stress relief.
      Improved sleep.

    What conditions can be treated with the Ajnamat?

    Various conditions can be treated using the Ajnamat including:

      Circulation issues.
      Lower back pain.
      Muscle recovery.
      Neck pain.
      Anxiety and stress relief.

    If I have a skin disease (such as back acne) can I use the Ajnamat?

    If you have sensitive or inflamed skin, the spikes on the Ajnamat may feel slightly irritating. An easy solution to this problem is to place a thin layer of cloth between your skin and your Ajnamat. However, if you notice that your skin condition is worsening with treatment, you should discontinue use immediately.

    What are the potential side effects of using the Ajnamat?

    There are no major side effects of using the Ajnamat. Immediately after treatment, you may notice some redness in the targeted area, which is the result of increased blood circulation. This redness should disappear within a few minutes after treatment.

    If I’m overweight can I use the Ajnamat?

    Absolutely! Regular use of the Ajnamat helps to promote general health and well-being

    If I’m pregnant can I use the Ajnamat?

    Believe it or not, there are certain acupressure points that can induce labor. For this reason, we do not recommend using the Ajnamat if you are pregnant.

    Is the Ajnamat painful to use?

    Just like many treatments, your body will take time to adapt to using an acupressure mat. During the first several minutes of treatment, you may experience a prickling sensation, followed by a feeling of warmth, in the areas that are being targeted. There is no need to worry though; this sensation is just muscle tension being released. If you’re not able to tolerate the sensation in the beginning, place a thin layer of cloth between your mat and your skin to ease the sensation. Keep in mind that once you start using the Ajnamat on a regular basis, you will likely experience little to no discomfort.

    Can the Ajnamat pierce my skin?

    The Ajnamat will not pierce your skin when used correctly. Ensure that you handle the mat carefully, and gently lie on the acupressure mat so that there is an even distribution of pressure. Avoid jumping or hitting the mat, or dragging it across your body as these activities can result in injury.

    How long should I use the Ajnamat?

    We recommend at least 10 to 15 minutes per day to start. Once your body gets accustomed to the mat, you can increase by 5-minute increments until you reach 20 to 60 minutes. We also recommend that you use the Ajnamat regularly, and if possible, daily.

    What if I fall asleep on the Ajnamat?

    There is no harm in falling asleep on your Ajnamat. When you wake up, simply remove the mat and continue sleeping.g

    Can I wash my Ajnamat?

    The cover can e easily removed and hand washed using lukewarm water and a mild soap. Hang it to dry.

    Can my child use the Ajnamat?

    It is perfectly safe for your child to use the Ajnamat, with proper supervision. It helps them to relax quickly, which allows them to calm down, especially close to bedtime

    Who should not use the Ajnamat?

    It is advised that you speak to your healthcare provider before using the Ajnamat if you suffer from any of the following:

      Heart disease
      Blood disorder or if you are taking anticoagulation medications
      Open wounds or sores
      Acute illness or fever

    Can my child use the Ajnamat?

    It is perfectly safe for your child to use the Ajnamat, with proper supervision. It helps them to relax quickly, which allows them to calm down, especially close to bedtime

I use the Ajnamat to unwind and relax. before bed . It is so rejuvenating. It leaves me feeling amazing and I always sleep like a rock afterwards!

- Pia Lamberg
Model, Personal Trainer, & Health Coach

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