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Ajna Experts- Debbie Savage

Ajna Experts- Debbie Savage

This week's Ajna Experts interview is with one of our amazing ambassadors - Debbie Savage. From lifestyle and beauty tips to wellness and more Debbie is our go to girl for all tips and tricks in life 🙌🏼

Let's dive into our Q&A with Debbie and make sure you don't miss her amazing booty band workout at the end of this interview.

How did your journey into holistic health begin?

I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing, and my love for total fitness was one of the main reasons for starting my blog five years ago. My mom instilled in me the healthy pursuit for total wellbeing by taking me alongside her to aerobics classes when I was a teen, communicating an appreciation for healthy behaviors and building helpful habits into my everyday life. This was the catalyst for my lifestyle blog and my passion for health. I want to inspire women to feel and look their best because I believe lasting wellness springs from the inside.
During graduate school, I studied health education at Utah State University, teaching fitness classes for undergraduates and staff. I also taught fitness classes at the local athletic club and water therapy for physically and mentally disabled people. I was already so passionate about making others feel good, and I learned that moving your body is the first step in accomplishing that. 
Upon graduation, I worked for the American Cancer Society as a health educator and taught young people in the Los Angeles area cancer prevention methods such as daily exercise, nutrition and staying tobacco-free. It was so satisfying to me to teach those kids the importance of healthy practices and a balanced lifestyle.
Then, when I became a full-time mother, I continued to nurture my passion for fitness by teaching aerobics classes and water aerobics on the side, sharing my enthusiasm for wellness. Fast forward several years to the present: as a busy mother and entrepreneur of two businesses, I realized the importance of holistic health. This is where my holistic journey began. 
After giving birth to three amazing kids and watching my body morph while I dealt with the recovery processes of different surgeries along with the stress of managing a family and a business, I noticed these things had taken a toll on my body and mind.
The universe has been gently tutoring me to learn how to care for myself. The younger me defined wellness by physical characteristics like body fat percentages, speed in running, and the heaviness of the weights that I could lift. I was oblivious to the necessity of stretching, meditation, and rest. The lack of these things had begun to negatively impact my body. I am so grateful for this realization. Now, I understand and honor my body.

Do you have any routines that keep you feeling good?

I love moving my body by challenging it with various forms of exercise or creating a space for it to relax and heal through being intentionally still. I make sure to incorporate holistic practices that are so important to me, such as walking in nature, stretching, yoga, mediation, and prayer, as well as my favorite modes of exercise: weight lifting and toning. These are practices I follow to keep me feeling grounded and happy.
What are your preferred ways to practice self-care? 
My preferred way to practice self-care is honestly through sleep. I have been striving to clean up my sleep hygiene by limiting computer and phone use an hour before bed. I also keep my bedroom dark, cool, and use a weighted blanket to help me sleep. I am the type of person who needs a good amount of sleep because when awake, I give life my all and am easily depleted. I also enjoy massages when I can carve out the time. The feeling of having my body and muscles massaged relaxes me completely and gives my mind and body a total reset. But, as I said, nothing beats a good night’s rest.

Ajna is related to intuition. Can you think of a time that you listened to your intuition rather than other people’s opinions? 

Listening to my intuition played a huge part in starting my lifestyle blog To Thine Own Style Be True. For months, my intuition told me to create a creative space for me to share my insights, shine my unique beauty, and also conquer my fear of insecurity and judgment from others. I am so happy I followed my intuition to start my business. There were so many things I felt inept with and found absolutely intimidating like writing and social media. However, with lots of practice and developing a “thick skin” to negativity and setbacks, I have a business that I am so proud of and grateful for. It has allowed me to connect with women in ways that I did not think were possible and partner with brands that I love, admire, and respect — like Ajna Wellness. 

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself 10 years ago, what would it be?

The advice I would give to my younger self is to practice stillness.  We can be in such a rush to accomplish things and prove ourselves to the world. Sometimes, in this pursuit for something greater, we miss out on the sweet little things that matter the most. I would have loved to tell myself, “You are doing a great job and perfect just the way you are. Make sure to stop and absorb all of the blessings around you, and it is okay to say 'no' to others. It is more important to say 'yes' to yourself.” 

What’s your favorite Ajna product? 

This is definitely a hard question! But I would have to say I love the ECO Yoga Mat. It is hands down the best yoga mat I have ever used and owned. I love how cushioned you feel on it, and it is so comfortable to lie and sit on. In fact, I also use it to sit down when folding laundry, and my pet dog loves to rest on it too. The colors are so soothing and beautiful, and I appreciate that it has an anti-slip backing. 

If you could share one message with millions of people, what would it be?

Just like my blog’s title To Thine Own Style Be True, this is in reference to fashion obviously and how it is important to stay true to your own style. But, honestly, staying true to yourself and being authentic allows you to live in harmony with your soul, purpose, and more. When you are living your authentic self without any concern about how others may perceive you, you are free, happy, and at peace with your journey in life, and that is a beautiful thing. This is the message that I want to share with everyone male or female, young or old. Be true to yourself.


Check our Debbie's amazing booty workout with Ajna's Resistance Bands. This is a fantastic workout if you're pressed for time in the morning or want to continue your fitness routine while on the road. 
Follow Debbie on her  Instagram Page, or for in depth reviews and articles, be sure to check out and subscribe to her Blog!

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