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Release Resolutions and Embrace Positive Affirmations in 2022

Release Resolutions and Embrace Positive Affirmations in 2022

If you are a fan of classic Saturday Night Live, you may remember the 90’s self-help character, Stuart Smalley, who was constantly trying to improve his self-image by reciting his famous affirmation…

I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and, doggone it, people like me.

As it turns out, Stuart was a visionary, a man ahead of his time. Here we are going into 2022 with many people ditching the tradition of setting resolutions in favor of embracing positive affirmations.

So…what’s the difference?

There’s nothing wrong with resolutions. Where we get into trouble is when we set a lofty goal using a pass/fail mentality. Let’s take the common resolution of going to the gym or working out with greater regularity. Is there anything wrong with wanting to honor your body through physical activity? Absolutely not! But we get into trouble when we set absolute (and often unrealistic) resolutions…

I will go to the gym five times a week this year.

Here, the insinuation is this—only five times a week or more will be considered success. If life gets in the way and you find yourself only able to get to the gym three times…or four…game’s over. You’ve failed to maintain your resolution. Better luck next year.

The pass/fail model is what makes keeping those New Year’s resolutions so very difficult and, if you find yourself in the group giving up on resolutions, take comfort in the fact you are not alone. In a recent 2019 survey, only 7% of those surveyed claimed to have kept their resolution(s) for the full year.

Affirmations, on the other hand, come from a place of inherent positivity. Think of affirmations as ways of training your brain to look for the glass-is-half-full perspective, in life in general and when setting intentions for the new year.

Let’s go back to our gym/getting healthy resolution. Reframing this as a positive affirmation might look like this:

My body is strong and beautiful and capable of amazing things. This year, I will look for opportunities to grow her strength and keep her healthy.

Do you see the difference? The affirmation begins with positivity and continues with lovely intention—to actively seek ways to improve your physical health.

What you don’t find in this version is any semblance of a pass/fail mentality. We are not putting this under a strict timeline. We are not setting a minimum number of opportunities to discover each week. Rather, we are creating an affirmation rooted in love and light that, when repeated each day, can shift our perspective and make us more aware of opportunities to take care of ourselves.

Keep in mind that affirmations are not limited to the health and wellness realm. They can be created around any area of life that might benefit from some positive intention. Here are just a few examples:

I choose to forgive those who have wounded me and open my heart to love.

I cannot control the actions of others. I can control the way I respond.

I actively look for opportunities to grow in my position at work.

I believe in myself and trust the wisdom within me.

I am confident and skilled at what I do.

As you move into 2022, we hope you consider releasing your resolutions in favor of softer, sweeter, more joy-filled resolutions….because you’re good enough…you’re smart enough…and doggone it, people like you.

Happy 2022, friends…here’s to making it a year of positivity and light!



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