Finding Ease In Effort: Meditation Cushion Review

Finding Ease In Effort: Meditation Cushion Review


Karina Blackwood is a yoga teacher in arguably one of the World's most bustling cities: New York.

Karina aims to provide a refuge for her clients from their hectic city-lives, and an oasis for where they can replenish their bodies with positive energy and spiritual vitality.

It's no surprise that of the practices she uses to help her busy clientele relax and recenter, meditation is one of them

Karina notes that meditation is one of her personal favorite ways to clear her mind and unwind after a long day.

"I tend to use meditation especially during times that are extra stressful. It helps me forget whatever has made me tense or anxious and instead focus on something as simple as breathing.

We can significantly lower our strength and anxiety levels, increase our ability to empathize and be compassionate towards others, and engage in mental healing processes all during a meditation session."

Recently, Karina reviewed our meditation cushions. Read what she had to say about how they are helping her and her clients meditate more deeply, whenever they need it most!


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