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What Sort Of Diffuser Is Best?? Differentiating Essential Oil Diffusers

What Sort Of Diffuser Is Best?? Differentiating Essential Oil Diffusers


With so many aromatherapy diffusion options on the market, it can be quite challenging trying to dissect the differences between diffusers.  Some are ultrasonic diffusers, while others say they are ionizing or nebulizing diffusers.  Then there are diffusers that rely on heat.  Let’s break down some common types of diffusers and discuss the pros and cons of each:

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Ultrasonic diffusers 

Ultrasonic diffusers may be the most common type of diffuser on the market today.  These diffusers employ electronic frequencies to vibrate the water and essential oils, causing a fine mist to arise and disperse into the air. These diffusers are ideal for releasing a therapeutic amount of oil and water into the air of the room so you can fully enjoy the benefits of the oils.  One great aspect of this type of diffusion is that the blending of oil and waters into the air helps to humidify a room naturally, which can benefit your sinuses and dry mucous membranes!  Not all ultrasonic diffusers are created equal.  These can be made with everything from cheap plastic to ceramic (plastic is almost never the best option).  It also pays to make sure you purchase an ultrasonic diffuser that allows you to set time intervals for diffusion so you have complete control of your healing space.  


Ionizing diffusers

Ionizing diffusers, sometimes called negative Ion diffusers, can actually do two things at once.  They can disperse the oils into the air without heat or water while simultaneously clearing the air of your home of potentially dangerous allergens. 

What are negative ions and why are they important?  Negative ions are simply oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They have been proven to help clear the air of bacteria, mold, and viruses.  When you add this technology with the dispersing of essential oils, you have a powerful diffusion tool.  The ionizing diffusers basically work like a standard ionizer or air purifier, but also use essential oils to boost the benefits. 

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Nebulizing diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers are a lot like ionizing diffusers in that they usually do not use water with the essential oils. They break down the oils into a fine mist and disperse that mist into a room. This type of diffuser can release a lot of essential oil into a room rather quickly.  This can be good or bad depending on a person’s sensitivity to certain oils. Some aromatherapists consider this wasteful because of the amount of oils released into the air at once.  However, it can be very therapeutic if you happen to be in need of quick relief from stress or anxiety.  Another drawback to nebulizing diffusers is that they often rely on a fan to create a jet of air to disperse the oil mist, so they can be louder than other diffusers. 

Evaporative diffusers

Evaporative diffusers are a very simple type of diffuser that uses a fan to blow oils dropped into the diffuser. The oils evaporate into the room faster as a result.  This method is not ideal for large rooms because the oils do not disperse into the air far.  However, this method is effective for giving a room a pleasant scent for a few hours. Overall, ultrasonic and ionizing diffusion are much more therapeutic.  

Tea Light And Reed Diffusers

Two other basic forms of essential oil diffusion include candle diffusers and reed diffusers.  These may have been the first forms of diffusers ever used.  Candle diffusers rely on using a tea light to heat oils in a basin above the flame.  This can cause the oils to become more aromatic and can scent a room.  Using this method is not as therapeutic and does not distribute a therapeutic amount of oil into a room.  Reed diffusers rely on small rattan sticks sitting in a (usually glass) container with the oils inside.  The oils travel up the sticks and can lightly scent a room.  This method works to scent a room, but not much else.  It is also not a very effective way to scent a room.  This is because some oils are heavier than others (like vetiver and patchouli) and may have a hard time traveling up the reeds.  

Stay Away From Diffusers That Use Heat!

Heat has been used in some essential oil diffusers.  Heating oil will almost instantly cause the aroma to spread throughout the room.  This is great for those who use essential oils as “air fresheners” that plug into the wall.  However, essential oils aren’t released into the air very well with this method, so the therapeutic effects of the oils are wasted.  In addition, many of these are made with plastic and when plastic is heated, dangerous toxins can also be released.  

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What Else To Consider When Buying An Oil Diffuser..

Ah, technology.  Because the technology involving essential oil diffusion is rapidly evolving, there are now diffusers on the market that are able to create more than one type of diffusion.  This is especially handy and can help you take a more personal and specific approach to your wellness routines.   Look for diffusers that can handle multiple functions and are made from quality materials like ceramic (as opposed to plastic). In addition, look for diffusers that allow you to set a timer so you can fully control how long you wish to diffuse.  You will find that these diffusers give you the freedom to truly focus on self-care without having to run back and forth to make sure it is shut off when you are finished using it. 

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Which Oil Diffuser Is The Best?

The Ajna Wellbeing range of oil diffusers are both ultrasonic AND ionic, giving you the best of both worlds!

Each diffuser is handcrafted with a gorgeous matte stone ceramic finish, and contains a BPA free reservoir for your oils and water.

Essential oils are safely and efficiently dispersed into the air via cool mist technology, giving superior scent diffusion while maintaining the integrity and quality of the oils used.

Ajna Wellbeing oil diffusers are also equipped with optional light functions, continuous or intermittent mist settings, and an auto shut off function once the diffuser tank is empty.


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