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7 Benefits Of Ajnawheel - Yoga Wheels by Ajna Wellbeing

7 Benefits Of Ajnawheel - Yoga Wheels by Ajna Wellbeing


Are you trying to…..

Increase your mobility while also building strength?

Find new ways to add creativity and fun to your yoga practice?

Modify poses effectively, adding or decreasing intensity to suit you and your body?

If you answered YES, then you may have just discovered your new favorite yoga and wellness tool- The Ajnawheel! 


What is a Ajnawheel, and what are yoga wheels used for?

 Yes, Ajnawheel is yoga wheel, BUT we decided to name ours Ajnawheel because they're not just for yogis. Ajnawheel is for absolutely everybody, from yoga pros to runners and crossfire athletes.  

Yoga wheels such as the Ajnawheel are a therapeutic tool to used deepen your yoga or other movement practice and take it to a new level.
They are beneficial for all levels of fitness and experience, with no prerequisites being necessary to successfully practice with it.  

Let’s dig into the other amazing benefits of the Ajnawheel!



Ajnawheel Increases Mobility & Prevents Injury

Mobility exercises increase the range of movements and motions your body can perform. These include flexibility, but also balance, pliability and strength. The full combination is the best way to avoid injury.

New York-based physical therapist, Grayson Wickham, is a huge advocate for the use of mobility work. Grayson says “Everyone should be including mobility work in their training to ensure they’re performing at their best and decreasing their risk for injury”

Ajnawheel assists the user through a range of motions that incorporate all of the essentials of mobility work, allowing you to safely and effectively increase your range of motion.


“Since using my Ajnawheels I’ve regained mobility that I never thought I could. I’ll start my day with some gentle mobility exercises with the wheel to open up my shoulders and chest. Just doing this has allowed me to move into heart opening poses that have not been accessible for many years. It’s amazing!”

- Gemma, Ajna Wellbeing Co Founder & Yoga Teacher




Ajnawheel Helps Restore Your Spine

At the Triyoga studios in Hamburg, Germany, instructors Andrea and Dirk run yoga wheel classes and trainings. They love the use of yoga wheels to help maintain a healthy spine. Here’s what they say about yoga wheels and spine health- 

“The yoga wheel allows simultaneous extension and flexion of the spine. Due to the comparatively large contact surface, your spine experiences guided extension and stable support in backbends. This contributes immensely to the preservation and promotion of a healthy spine.

The Western lifestyle, with long periods of sitting still, often results in a sunken posture. The body always gets better at what it does. This means that the mobility of the spine to the rear decreases and the body structures at the front become firmer and immovable.
With the yoga wheel you will extend a healthy radius of movement backwards and at the same time open the front of your body. You will also improve your ability to breathe because your diaphragm can perform better.”



Ajnawheel Awakens Your Heart Chakra (Anahata)

One of our favorite uses for Ajnawheel is to aid in gently and effectively opening the chest and upper back. Something that can be tricky to achieve with your body alone.

BUT, there’s more to it. Chest, or heart openers don’t just stretch your chest and back. They don’t only work on a physical level.

Heart openers also open your heart chakra, allowing you expand your capability and flow of love and compassion. When your heart chakra is open, it’s energetic field expands. You can even pass that loving energy on to anyone within your energetic field! How cool is that?!?



 Ajnawheel Can Replace Multiple Yoga Props

Yoga wheels are extremely versatile. So versatile in fact, that you might find they can do many of the jobs your standard yoga props do, on top of their own unique functions.

Here are three common yoga props you might be able to substitute for a yoga wheel.

1. A Block- The supportive nature of Ajnawheel allows them to be used in nearly every way that you would a block. Lay them on their side for a solid base you can grip with both hands.

2.  A Strap- The wheels can also be used to hook around your foot in much the same way as a yoga strap. Our Ajnawheel sets work well here, giving you the option of three sizes to meet your body’s requirements.

3. A Bolster- Last but not least, the yoga wheel can step into the roll of a yoga bolster, allowing for expansive but supported stretches.



 Ajnawheel Improves Balance 

 For balance and stability that encompasses your entire body, there’s nothing like the Ajnawheel. 

Try placing the wheel under one or two feet as you go through your usual practice. You’ll be surprised at how much a simple pose such as a lunge can be completely transformed with one foot on a yoga wheel! 




 Ajnawheel Releases Fascia/Connective Tissue

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fiber and muscle in place. Though healthy fascia will stretch and move there are certain things that can cause it to thicken and become sticky. When these ‘fascial adhesions’ develop they limit mobility and cause painful knots.

Ajnawheel helps you target these points of tension and release them though fascial massage. Use your yoga wheel like a rolling pin for your muscles, spending extra time on areas you feel stuck.



Ajnawheel Adds Fun & Creativity To Your Practice

Yoga is not just about the Asana. It’s about deepening the connection to your physical body. One of the best ways to do that is through self exploratory movement, guided by curiosity.

 Ajnawheel acts as the perfect intermediary between you and an entire realm of creative movement possibilities waiting to be discovered.

 “Now, when I practice, I always keep my yoga wheel set by my mat as it’s so much fun incorporating them into a flow. There’s such a range of applications for them that I never get bored exploring the possibilities. If I want to strengthen, stretch, or just play, there’s something new that I can do, or do better with my Ajnawheels.”

- Gemma, Ajna Wellbeing Co Founder & Yoga Teacher








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