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4 Ways to Stay Well This Fall

4 Ways to Stay Well This Fall

Fall brings a softening of sorts. The days shorten and nature begins to prepare for the coming winter—leaves turn and fall, flowers start to fade, and the world’s fauna is reduced so plants can turn their energies downward toward the roots.

Our bodies follow the same cycle, though we often try to tell ourselves otherwise. But there is so much value to be found in the fall season, in the reduction of energy, and in the turn inward. Fall affords us the opportunity to become rooted in who we are and in our own wellness so that we, like the natural world, will be prepared to bloom when spring comes around.

To that end, we’ve gathered a handy list of 4 ways you can embrace the change of pace fall brings and support your wellness, so that you are ready for the light and energy that are to come.

Embrace the Transition

Now is the time to embrace the transition between summer and winter, as days grow shorter, and the weather begins to cool.

Head to your local farmers market and take advantage of the seasonal foods available—fall is the perfect time to start cooking hearty, nourishing meals with in-season squash and root vegetables.

You can further embrace the magic of fall by enjoying a hike in nearby parks or natural areas to appreciate the cooler weather and the stunning display mother nature puts on for us during this season.

Start a Meditation Routine

It is common for the increased time indoors and reduced daylight to affect mental health. Fall is the perfect time to start a meditation routine so you’re prepared when winter (and all the accompanying holiday stress) rolls around.

And, if you need to stock up on meditation accessories that will help you reach a deeper level of Zen, be sure visit our meditation products page where we have the mats and cushions you need to make your sessions as comfy as possible.

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule

The shifting of the seasons and the “fall back” time change can negatively affect your circadian rhythm—the body’s natural 24-hour cycle. Try delaying bedtime for a week or so after the time change to help get your circadian rhythm back in sync.

Be sure to get plenty of sunlight during the shortened fall daylight hours—doing so can help your rhythms get back into sync faster.

Add Aromatherapy to Your Routine

Diffusing essential oils in your home offers a variety of health benefits and is an easy way to make your space smell like fall. Diffusing a blend of cinnamon, white fir, and bergamot essential oils will have your home smelling like the perfect autumn morning and help you embrace the season.

Oil diffusing can also be therapeutic, especially when the holiday madness hits. Try diffusing lavender oil to bring a sense of calm and help you sleep well.

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish diffuser, try our Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser which makes filling your home with your favorite scent a breeze!

And so…

Saying goodbye to the sunny days of summer can be challenging but remember that each season serves a purpose. Fall is the perfect time to reflect, to really root into the season, and to recommit to your wellness.

May these tips help you embrace the beauty of this transitional season and stay well this fall.



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