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Treating Sciatica with Ajnamat



A lot of time people experience back pain but they can't quite pinpoint what caused it.  They didn't experience any trauma, they didn't sleep uncomfortably, and didn't lift heavy weights.  When you don't do anything out of the ordinary but all of a sudden are experiencing this annoying pain it's usually from a multitude of things. These contributors can be poor posture, your daily 9-5 desk job, lack of exercise, consistent exercise with bad form...etc.  There are endless reasons why you're experiencing this sharp pain that comes and goes multiple times a year and never seems to get better.



One commonly attributed reason for these symptoms is sciatica. The term sciatica describes a multitude of leg symptoms. Some of these include, but are not limited to, tingling, numbness, pins and needles, or shooting pain – that originate in the lumbar or sacral spine and travel through the glute region into the large sciatic nerve.  

Sciatica can stem from a variety of regions.  The most common region is the piriformis, where the muscle becomes dysfunctional and hypertonic.  Simply put, a muscle in the buttock area has been altered from its original anatomic shape, compressing the sciatic nerve resulting in associated signs and symptoms of true sciatica.



Sciatica should be treated and diagnosed via a qualified healthcare professional.  Chiropractors and physical therapists are the go-to professions to properly treat this particular complaint.  The rehab approach they use not only rids the symptoms but also addresses the source of the injury.  Coupling rehab, functional training, and soft tissue is the most successful approach to relieve sciatica.  

When you exercise, do it with a purpose.  Take the proper steps and execute the appropriate game plan to achieve a functionally fit body.  Training in this manner will not only give you the aesthetic looks you want but also help prevent pain from manifesting or turning into a chronic condition.  Understand the benefits of proper posture first and know what muscles to work and how to utilize them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.



Couple rehab from licensed health care professionals and instruments such as Ajnamat can really accelerate the recovery process to functional living.  Ajnamat aims to relieve muscle tension, increase blood circulation, and improve quality of sleep which can all attribute to sciatica.  

During the typical 8 hour sleep period your body doesn’t move which can cause you to be sore in the morning.  The Ajnamat improves quality of sleep due to its unique material that has over 5,000 specially designed spikes to assure comfortable relaxed sleep.


About The Author-

Dr Angelo Minella, D.C., is a board certified Chiropractor. Growing up in a healthcare family, Dr Minella has always understood the importance of maintaining a wellness lifestyle.

As well as being a chiropractor, Dr Minella is a NASM certified Personal Trainer in Greentree. Balancing Personal Training and Chiropractic allows him to have extensive knowledge and experience in treating patients with sports-related injuries. Dr Minella specializes in musculoskeletal injuries, disc herniations, stenosis, sciatica, nutrition and orthotics.



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