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Music For Meditation And Yoga


 Especially created with our customer's goals in mind, Ajna Yoga Souls, takes you on a meditative, musical journey. Discover tracks designed to balance the chakras, promote calm, improve focus and vitality, and induce a restful sleep. 

The album also includes two guided meditations.

Each track on Yoga Souls is tuned to 432 Hz (most music you hear is 440 Hz), a frequency that is said to be not only more harmonious to the ear, but all encourages a deep sense of inner calm and introspection.

"Meditating with 432 Hz music can be an extremely powerful and effortless way to experience a deep cleansing dive within your consciousness. Many choose this type of music for meditation due to the ability for the natural harmonics to resonate cleanly with the mind and body of a person, allowing for a deeper and more nourishing experience." - Torkom Ji, Sound Healer

Yoga Souls is perfect accompaniment to any restorative practice, whether practicing yoga, meditating, or just taking some time to relax and unwind.

You can buy Yoga Souls here, on iTunes and Amazon, or stream the album on your favorite streaming service.

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