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Benefits of Ajnamat for Neck Pain



Your neck consists of spinal bones or vertebrae which extend from your skull to upper torso. The cervical discs present between the vertebrae helps in absorbing shock. The bones, muscles, and ligaments of neck support the head and move it. Any injury, abnormalities or inflammation may result in neck stiffness or pain. 

What are the Causes of Pain in Neck?

Neck Pain is usually due to behavior and activities such as jerking your neck while exercising, keeping a poor posture, and working at your desk for a long time without changing your position and sleeping with neck kept in a wrong position. Neck pain may also be caused due to injury resulting from falls or while playing a sport. Chronic neck pain and stiffness may also occur due to medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, degeneration of cervical discs referred to as osteoarthritis or spondylosis, spinal stenosis and a slipped or ruptured disk. 

How Using Ajnamat helps Neck Pain?

Ajnamat has greater than 5000 specifically designed spikes, which activate the natural healing power of your body, relieve tension and release the stagnant energy in the meridians (the energy pathways along which gentle pressure is applied with fingers in acupressure therapy to release stagnant and blocked energy). They help in relaxing your sore muscles of the neck; thereby, relieving neck pain. They also help in improving circulation of blood in the area of the neck, which also relieves chronic neck pain. After lying on the mat initially you may feel some pain; however, after about 3-5 minutes it changes to a sensation of warmth as the circulation of blood improves and your muscles begin to relax. This helps in reducing your neck pain and relaxing your contracted neck muscles. It also reduces tension in neck muscles. Your body also gets energized. 

The pressure from the spikes of the mat helps in releasing feel-good hormones called endorphins, which also reduce the sensation of pain.  Like yoga or meditation, the most benefits of acupressure mats are seen by using it regularly. 

How to Use Ajnamat for Neck Pain?

When using acupressure pillow: Sit on a couch or a chair with a tall back or lie down on the ground. Put the pillow beneath or behind the neck. Adjust till it is comfortable. Use for a minimum of 20 minutes or till the time the pain is reduced. 

When using acupressure mat with a neck pillow: Place the acupressure mat on a flat ground. Lie down on the mat. Put the pillow beneath your neck. Lie for a minimum of 20 minutes to find relief from neck pain.

When you are using only acupressure mat: Place the acupressure mat on a flat ground. Roll a soft towel and put it beneath the upper end of acupressure mat. Lie down on the mat in such a way that your neck is placed on the bump formed by the rolled towel. Adjust the mat and your body as required. Lie for a minimum of 20 minutes to find relief from neck pain. 


Author- Dr. Ritu Goel

As a certified homeopathic physician and nutritionist, Ritu has worked for more than 10 years in the healthcare industry in various organizations as a physician and fitness and nutrition expert.

Rita also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management from Symbiosis University, Pune, India, as well as a certificate in dietetics and nutrition.

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