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Enhance Your Yoga Practice with a Bolster by DEBBIE SAVAGE

Enhance Your Yoga Practice with a Bolster by DEBBIE SAVAGE

It’s time to treat yourself with a wellbeing tool that will help you immensely with your self-care practice, specifically yoga and my favorite meditation. 

The Importance of Self-care

Self-care is among the most important things you can do for yourself. When you take the time to nurture your body and soul, the gifts of self-care will manifest themselves in all areas of your life.

AJNA Wellbeing has a variety of health products to enhance your state of mind in your journey of self-care. Their resistance booty bands have increased my muscle tone and strength. Their eco-luxe acupressure mat has helped me with my pain and stress naturally and effectively. Their famous eco yoga mat has enhanced my yoga practice with its cushioned and high-quality eco-friendly materials.

The Eco Bolster

Now, I am excited to introduce to you their beautiful Eco Bolster, which is another amazing offering from their wellbeing collection. 

I love using my Eco Bolster daily to enhance my meditation and stretching needs. And I have found that I grab it to help me relax and unwind after a long day. The time spent on my AJNA Eco Bolster is just heavenly.

Each bolster has been thoughtfully designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This superb attention to detail in craftsmanship ensures that you can use your bolster with pride and pleasure for now and beyond. 

Materials Matter

Your Eco Bolster is made with the highest quality, eco-friendly materials. Eco-suede has been selected as the material of choice which is made from recycled materials and is extremely soft on your skin. Comfort was a primary goal in this creation and this is done by infusing two interior layers to provide optimal support and durability. 

Here are more special details about the AJNA Eco Bolster:

  • Durable and Dirt Resistant
  • Luxuriously covered with eco-suede
  • Constructed from mixed density layers
  • Lightweight, with the feeling of PU leather
  • Made from eco-friendly, recycled materials
  • Fitted with a convenient carry handle
  • Supportive in all stretches and restorative poses
  • Ideal for meditation and yoga

Bolster Care

Your bolster will look as good as new if you remember to give it TLC. Should your bolster become dirty, you can easily remove the cover for a gentle hand wash and hang it to air dry. However, please note that your bolster is crafted from eco suede that is dirt resistant so it is definitely capable of regular use. As needed, the foam can be placed in the sun to air out.

AJNA’s eco bolsters are a versatile wellness tool that can take your yoga practice to the next level. You will find yourself comfortably doing poses that you have been wanting to practice. 

I love that the bolster helps me experience deeper levels of stretching, release, and relaxation. This beautiful and luxurious bolster will aid you in your self-care journey and deserves a special spot in your yoga and meditation practices.  

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