Benefits of Guided Meditation

Benefits of Guided Meditation

Let’s talk meditation and why during this day and age, it can be such a powerful tool for helping us live our best lives.

It’s easy to forget to take time out to realign our minds with our bodies. We live in a fast-paced world and deal with daily stressors that can make our lives harder. Work, relationship, family, financial and health stress can be detrimental to both our bodies and our minds. When we neglect to take a moment out of our day to become aware of our feelings, they can build up. When stress isn't dealt with, it can cause disease and illness. Stress is a culprit for heart disease, as well as anxiety and depression, to name a few. Learning how to manage stress is an important part of staying healthy. Guided meditation can be a great tool to help keep your stress levels at bay.

Meditation is one of the most underrated but beneficial exercises for people who are looking to make positive changes in their life. Meditation in and of itself is the practice of aligning our minds with our bodies. Meditation is often done on your own, taking the time to go deep within yourself. Guided meditation is a tool of self-awareness. With guided meditation, you listen to someone speaking or a recording, which will then guide you through a session in self-awareness. By practicing guided meditation, you can access parts of your subconscious that you are otherwise unable to access. Your subconscious is a powerful tool, and it's what your body uses to keep your body alive and breathing. Using guided meditation, people can manage their daily stress, worries and even physical pain.

Guided meditation is a tool that can open people’s minds by accessing their subconscious. It melds the conscious mind with the subconscious. By feeding positive thoughts into your subconscious through the guided meditation exercise, you are able to change your thoughts, let go of stress and explore a side of yourself that you may not even know existed. Rather than allowing your mind to be bogged down with negativity, guided meditation works to plant positive affirmations into your mind.


In addition to aligning your subconscious, guided meditation can also help release you from anxiety and ease your body and mind from both exhaustion and fatigue. Guided meditation can also help your cognitive function and make your mind more alert and capable. It is capable of slowing your brain activity and stimulating human growth hormones that help to regulate your metabolism as well as encourage protein synthesis in your cells.

Taking the time out of your day for a simple guided meditation exercise is beneficial for your mind and your body. You'll feel more refreshed, alert and your anxiety and stress will be continually lowered to manageable levels. Your body will be in tune with your mind, and the systems inside of you will be running more efficiently to help with illness and disease.

Guided meditation doesn't take much time out of your day. With just ten minutes a day, your mind and body will begin to turn around and experience a more positive and affirming energy.


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