Ajna Gets Ranked In Top 10 Hot Yoga Mats!

Ajna Gets Ranked In Top 10 Hot Yoga Mats!


It was a great start to the day, when upon opening my inbox I was greeted with this:


   "Good morning! I'm Caroline from Ezvid Wiki, and I'm writing to inform you that your Ajna Natural Jute Yoga Mat has recently been ranked at #4 in the 2019 Wiki of the best yoga mats for hot yoga."


Pretty amazing, right?! Considering just how many brands there are out there, this was big news. I did a little happy dance and kept reading. 

Caroline went on to explain how the team at Ezvid Wiki reached this ranking conclusion.


"Compiled with twenty-five hours of research, this video Wiki, newly published in our fitness category, is a broad-ranging and comprehensive look at yoga mats for hot yoga options available to consumers in the United States."


We put a lot of time, effort, and love into the creation of all our products, so to have them recognised by Ezvid Wiki is like extra foam on our matcha lattes! 



Among the points that gave our yoga mats the winning edge were:

  • They are made from recyclable, organic fibers
  • They emit no chemical smell
  • They stay flat when rolled out
  • They are an Earth friendly choice
  • Our commitment to giving back- We plant a tree for each product sold


Thank you Ezvid Wiki for sharing what we have to agree is one of the best yoga mats going around!

Click here to see their full post on the top ten hot yoga mats.


Happy customer @sarka.yoga on her cloud blue Ajna yoga mat.

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