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5 Energy Boosting Tips Every Business Woman Needs

5 Energy Boosting Tips Every Business Woman Needs

Energy boosting tools is something most businesswomen require for staying on top of their game and for nailing those goals.  Being a successful business woman can be such an uplifting, but at the same time, exhausting journey Working in your business and living in today’s world keeps us very busy.  The workload of running your own business can at times mean you may lose focus on your own health and wellbeing. Dedicating time in your day to nourish your mind and body with these wholesome tips may really help with boosting your energy.        


Practise Yoga And Meditation

Practising yoga and meditation is such an effective way to manage your stress levels. When you're feeling stressed, you often use up a lot of mental energy which can leave you feeling totally exhausted.  Practising yoga will help with improving your mental and physical strength and flexibility. This all helps with enhancing your vitality and boosting your energy.  Yoga is a fantastic tool for helping you feel grounded and centred within yourself. This helps with producing authentic work. Being authentic is at the core of many successful businesswomen.    


Exercise Daily

Some say jogging is their therapy.  This may be because when you exercise, your body releases small amounts of norepinephrine and epinephrine.  These are chemical hormones located in the adrenal glands. When released these hormones may be mentally and physically energising.  Experiment with different styles of exercise, try to mix your exercise routine up with some resistance and cardio training. Also, try exercising at different times during the day.  Some benefit from exercising before work and others benefit from exercising after work. See what works best for you.

Keep Hydrated

Feeling dehydrated may make you feel sluggish, foggy and at times exhausted.  Aim for about 35 ml of clean, purified water per kg of body weight. So, if you weigh 60 kilos that’s about 2 litres per day.  Add a slice of fresh lemon and a slice of fresh ginger which may help alkalise your body. If you drink a cup of coffee add an extra glass of water to your daily quota, because coffee may be dehydrating for your body.  Keep a large bottle of water on your desk at work to remind yourself to keep drinking. Switch from regular tea or coffee to herbal teas. Some herbal teas may provide extra nutrients without the caffeine. Try peppermint or chamomile and other different flavours to see which you enjoy most.

Improve Your Sleep

Sleeping well is an essential part of every business woman’s success.  If your quality of sleep is poor you may feel fatigued throughout the day.  The Sleep Foundation recommends we require different amounts of sleep depending on our age.  The average women aged 18 - 60 years old may need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night.  If you find sleeping well challenging try improving your sleep routine before going to bed.

Try Some Healthy Herbs To Increase Your Mental Energy

Feeling sluggish at work may affect how you think, concentrate and focus.  Some sail through their day in the office and others may be wondering why they are not nailing the goals they wish for.  Improving your mood and creating a positive state of mind often has a beneficial effect on the productivity of one’s work.  


Ashwagandha, a well know adaptogenic herb may be one of the most effective herbs for reducing stress and anxiety.  If you’re looking for a natural way of boosting your energy levels, that will also help to alleviate stress and improve things in the focus department, try our Zen Supplement


Bacopa, also known as Brahmi, is a herb used to treat a broad spectrum of mind related conditions including memory, anxiety and it is also a fabulous tonic for stress.  It is thought by some experts that Bacopa may increase certain brain chemicals which are involved in learning, memory and thinking.  Many businesswomen find taking a herbal supplement which includes Bacopa helpful for boosting their mental energy.


You can boost your energy with these vitality tips which seem to work so well for some.  They might not work for everyone, but experiment and try to add as many effective tools to your ‘energy boosting’ toolkit as possible.  You deserve to feel energised and full of vitality.


Want to give a boost to healthy living? You would love to explore our Ajnamat.

About the author-

Nic Makim is an award-winning health and wellness blogger, naturopath and freelance writer. Nic creates engaging content solutions for other businesses including; blog posts, magazine articles and ebooks. Loves a cappuccino, glass of wine and a green smoothie in equal measures.

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