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Meditation Cushion FAQs

What is the meditation cushion made of?

Our cotton-velvet covers are super soft, silky, and durable. They are washable and will keep their softness, lushness, and plushness. The outer cover is made from 90% organic cotton and 10% poly base for stability - it is considered an eco-friendly material. The inner cover is 100% cotton and the fill is organic buckwheat and lavender.  

Why do I need a meditation cushion?

To sit comfortably for a prolonged period of time in a pose that encourages ideal posture without discomfort, we need to sit with our vertebrae stacked on top of each other with our pelvis slightly tilted forward. Our legs should be crossed with our knees resting on a soft ground at a lower level than our pelvis. Sitting on a cushion helps us achieve this posture.

Will these cushions help me sit with better posture?

While no cushion can really ensure you maintain perfect posture for a prolonged period of time, our cushion filling has been ergonomically designed to help make sitting with ideal posture easier. 

Can I wash these cushions?

All of our cushions have an outer cover and a 100% cotton inner cover that holds all the filling.

You can remove the outer cover for cleaning. Dry cleaning is highly recommended, gently

hand washing and line drying, or on a gentle/delicate cycle in the washing machine with the cushion cover turned inside out.

We recommend hand washing or spot cleaning the tote to keep the gold foil looking beautiful.

Tumble drying is not recommended on the cover or the tote as it can cause shrinkage on certain fabrics and may not look like its original state.

Is it okay to get the cushion wet?

Please avoid getting the inner cushion cover with filling wet as the ingredients are all natural and will not function properly afterwards. If the filling does get soaked, please remove all filling and replace with new filling after the inner and outer cushion covers are completely dry.

Can I adjust the filling?

Yes, you can remove or add buckwheat hulls as required to suit your needs.

Where can I purchase more filling if I want more later on?

You can purchase bags of buckwheat hulls on Amazon or other online stores. Most health food stores will also stock them.

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