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Jessica Sepel- Nutritionist, Author, Founder of JS Health
I'm so excited to have discovered Ajnamat, which is helping me to de-stress in my everyday busy life.
The Ajnamat helps with pain and tension during my long work hours. I lay on it often during my lunch break and then right after work.
It really helps to induce sleep, but also helps to re-energise my body after a long day at work. It’s

really helping me to let go of the stress and tension in my everyday life


Lucy Van Cleef- Yoga Instructor & Professional Ballet Dancer
This mat is amazing! As I professional dancer, I'd never found anything quite like this for relieving muscle tension and stimulating muscle repair. After a long day of working out, it's crazy how a few minutes of lying on on the massage mat makes me feel relaxed and unwound. It's intense at first, but what an effect! My boyfriend uses it too (not a dancer) and is amazed at how different he feels after using it. I love its carrying bag, which makes it really easy and lightweight to transport, and my friends are always asking to borrow it.


Kat Risteska- Model, Dancer, & Actress
For so long I’ve been searching for a good Mat I can use while working out. Ajna Wellbeing not only have aesthetically beautiful Yoga Mats but also the most amazing Acupressure Mat I have been using to help with my Neck & back pain due to my broken tail bone & years of dancing. All their products are organic and eco friendly!


Melody Yeung- Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor
Really enjoying my Acupressure mat. Love the materials used in the Ajna products, and the look and feel of the mat too - very organic and natural - no over powering and bright colours here. Really simple and nice way to enhance a 'relaxation' practice - takes a little getting used to but so worth it - starting with the larger muscles (back, legs) and then the more nervey parts of the body (soles of feet and palms). Great to increase stimulation and blood flow. Also great for people with foot problems to simply stand on the mat, especially

in the mornings for that activation and blood flow.


Nic Makim- Award Winning Health Blogger, Natropath, and Yoga Instructor
At work, I alternate standing and sitting at my desk.  I have put my therapeutic Ajnamat on my chair.  While sitting the Ajnamat is increasing blood flow through acupressure, which helps nearly every aspect of my health including skin elasticity, tone and may help the toxic buildup (from sitting too long at my desk) that causes cellulite.  When I’m standing at my desk I now stand, barefoot on my Ajnamat which really does revive my tired legs from

my morning workout.