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Using Ajnamat for Muscle Recovery



Whether you are participating in a sports activity or an exercise session, similar to working out it is equally important to take care of your body post participation in a physical activity. When you allow your body or muscles to recover post a session of strenuous physical activity, you are able to withstand more exertion during the next session. 

There are multiple ways of muscle recovery after physical exercise. You should drink lots of liquids to replenish the lost fluids through sweating during exercise, stretch your muscles to prevent their damage and sleep a lot to help your body at cellular level. 

Acupressure and massage therapy are other great ways that aid in muscle recovery after strenuous physical exercise. However, you are required to go to a trained therapist for these therapies and spend lots of money. On the contrary, an acupressure mat is an excellent way to reap the benefits of muscle recovery in your home that is affordable and cost-effective. 

How Using Ajnamat helps Muscle Recovery?

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy in which gentle pressure is applied to specific points along the body. These points follow specific pathways of energy known as meridians. When these points are activated by acupressure, the unblocked or stagnant energy is released resulting in improved circulation of blood, and relaxation and healing of the body. Due to increased blood circulation, the oxygen levels in the muscles are increased. Moreover, the supply of vital nutrients is also increased to the target areas (muscles). Both these factors result in faster healing and recovery of muscles after physical activity.  

Ajnamat has more than 5000 specially designed spikes which activate the natural healing powers of the body, unblocks the stagnant energy and improves the circulation of blood. The gentle pressure from these spikes helps in relieving muscle tension, soreness, and pain. Your body has a stronger opportunity for healing and recovery. It also re-energizes your body. 

When you use an acupressure mat after engaging in a strenuous physical activity, you may have the following benefits that help in muscle recovery:

  • Increased flexibility: The gentle pressure from the spikes of the mat helps in relaxation of the body and allows the tired muscles to gently stretch.
  • Shorter time of recovery: Due to the increased flow of blood the body and muscles recover naturally. 
  • Less inflammation or swelling: Due to improved circulation, there is decreased swelling or inflammation. 
  • Eliminates lactic acid: Due to increased blood circulation, the lactic acid, which gets accumulated in the muscles during physical exercise, is removed from your system faster. 
  • Less Pain: Due to improved circulation, the pain from exercise is relieved. Your body also gets healed from injuries faster. 


How to Use Ajnamat for Muscle Recovery?

The mat can be used for a time ranging between five and 45 minutes, preferably 20 minutes. You can lie on it or sit on it. You can also target that part of the body, which you have used in the workout; for instance, shoulders, legs, glutes, hips, arms etc. If you require more pressure at a particular part such as your neck, glutes, or lower back, you can put a rolled towel beneath the mat and then lie on the mat. 


About the Author- Dr. Ritu Goel

As a certified homeopathic physician and nutritionist, Ritu has worked for more than 10 years in the healthcare industry in various organizations as a physician and fitness and nutrition expert.

Rita also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management from Symbiosis University, Pune, India, as well as a certificate in dietetics and nutrition.

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