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Health & Wellness Gifts For Every Budget

Health & Wellness Gifts For Every Budget


Everyone deserves to feel good, and a thoughtfully chosen gift can help your loved ones to do that. 

No matter who you are shopping for this holiday season, and what your budget is, there’s a wellness gift that can infuse peace, vibrancy, and joy into the lives of those closest to you.

Encouraging a little self care can go a long way, especially during the holidays! Self practices are don’t need to be complicated, in fact sometimes the simplest things are best. A few minutes of meditation, a yoga class, some aromatherapy, a workout, acupressure…all these things can make a huge difference to our sense of physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

To make your shopping easier, we’ve assembled the best wellness gifts at every budget (and nothing over $80!) for 2022.


Gifts Under $20

Yoga Block Set

Yoga blocks aren’t just for beginners — and they’re not just for yoga, either. This nifty yoga block set can also help establish good body alignment, increase range of motion, improve balance, and help to build strength in our intrinsic muscles. These ones come in a range of unique and beautiful patterns that are sure to please the aesthetically inclined.


Gifts Under $30

Ajnamat Pillow

Small and spiky, this unusual looking pillow is more relaxing than you might think. The Ajnamat pillow helps to target tight muscles and melt away tension in the same way that acupressure does. 


Resistance Booty Band Set

Feel the burn in minutes, and cut your workout time in half! This fun booty band set comes with three levels of intensity, allowing you to customize your workout, activate muscles instantly, and build, tone, or sculpt, all depending on your desired outcome. 


Gifts Under $40

Yoga Wheel

Roll out, stretch out, and build strength, all with this one versatile tool- the Ajnawheel. This yoga wheel will be loved my any movement enthusiast!


Gifts Under $50

Ajnamat Lite Acupressure Set

Body aches got them feeling down? No worries. With more than 7000 specially designed spikes, this mat and pillow set simulates acupressure by targeting pressure points on the body. Relax on it to loosen tight back and neck muscles or pop it under their desk for foot relief.

Meditation Cushion

For the meditation lover or yogi in your life, this meditation cushion comes a removable and washable cover. The cushion offers ergonomic body support to ease pressure on the hips and spine, and the is filled with organic buckwheat and lavender hulls for their most comfortable and relaxing practice yet. Get it in luxe velvet, or organic cotton.

Small Ceramic Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are just that, essential. After a long day, there’s nothing better than filling it with a relaxing scent and unwinding. Plus, this one is super chic thanks to its sleek shape and ceramic finish.

Gifts Under $60

Zabuton Meditation Mat

This Zabuton Cushion is the perfect addition to any meditation space. The cushion provides comfort and support for your legs, seat, ankles, and feet, so you can maintain a comfortable seated or kneeling position, even during longer meditations. Pairs perfectly with the cushions listed above!

Ajnamat Luxe Acupressure Set

A step up from the Ajnamat Lite set, this luxe edition has all the same functions but features premium, organic materials. GOTS certified linen, a coconut fiber mattress, and buckwheat hulls in the pillow make this acupressure mat set that bit extra!

Large Ceramic Oil Diffusers

Perfect for a larger room, these stylish essential oil diffusers are both an amazing way to incorporate the healing effects of aromatherapy, and a beautiful decorative piece. With a hand crafted ceramic shell, these ionic oil diffusers take aromatherapy to a whole new level.

Gorgeous gift box included.


Gifts Under $70

Eco Suede Yoga Bolster

These eco yoga bolsters from Ajna Wellbeing are at the pinnacle of luxury yoga gear, and there’s a reason they have thousands of five star reviews. Customers love the lightweight, but supportive structure, the extremely soft and tactile removable cover, and the beautiful gem inspired color palette. 


Gifts Under $80

Yoga Wheel Set

Get ready to unlock your body’s true potential, with the Ajna Wellbeing yoga wheel set. Designed to help you stretch, strengthen, and restore your body to its vital state, the AjnaWheel is a must for anyone looking to improve their range of motion and live a more comfortable and unrestricted life.

Pro Yoga Mat

For unrivalled grip and performance, the Ajna Pro Yoga Mat ticks all the boxes.

The Pro Yoga Mat was designed by a yoga teacher to decrease impact and strain on your joints, and uses closed cell rubber for hygiene, while also wicking away sweat and moisture.

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