Ajna Expert: Britney Leon

Ajna Expert: Britney Leon

Meet Brit- One of Ajna's superstar ambassadors and this week's Ajna Expert! 
We interviewed Brit about her journey into holistic health, self care, and her routines and habits.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a mom, self taught yogi, fitness instructor, and podcast host (find it here!!) whose passionate about teaching and sharing ways to help achieve a beautiful and healthy lifestyle, full of passion, purpose and well being.
I believe we are spiritual beings, having a temporary human experience, and I aspire to inspire others to expand their consciousness, tap into their inner power, and soul up-level! 
The light in me honors and sees the light in you.

How did your journey into holistic health begin?

My journey began the moment I realized I have the power and capability of creating a healthier AND happier life from the inside, out. I learned that it all starts from within, and when you do the inner work it shines through the outside. ☺️

Brit makes yoga part of her self care routine. Here she is on her Ajna Wellbeing Eco Yoga Bolster.


Do you have any routines that keep you feeling good?

Yes! I really love waking up and starting my day early with exercise and yoga. Followed with some journaling, reading, breath work and meditation. It’s my goal to not only get a good work out, but also a good work ‘in’ too ;)

What are your preferred ways to practice self care? 

Some of my favorite ways to self care are: hiking and hanging out in nature, earthing (walking around barefoot), podcast walks with my pup Nova, yoga and breath work, dancing, shopping, bubble bath/Epsom salt baths with a good book and some tea. 

Ajna is related to intuition. Can you think of a time that you listened to your intuition rather than other people’s opinions? 

This is something I’m actually learning more and more about within myself. When I was little I always believed in external validation, and that other people knew better than me. It’s a wound that I just realized is there so by allowing it to surface I have the opportunity to rewrite it, and align with my higher self. I will say though, that this past year, I have felt more connected to my Self, deeper than I ever felt before. I have Yoga, meditation, journaling, therapy and breathwork to thank for this stronger connection to Self and my intuition. It’s just getting stronger and stronger, baby!!!

Brit on her Ajna Wellbeing Meditation Cushion



If you could give one piece of advice to yourself ten years ago, what would it be?

The love you seek has been within you all along. You are worthy, you are lovable, you are enough, you deserve to be seen, take up space and be heard— you matter.
What’s your favourite Ajna product? 
I’m going to go with answer D. ALL THE ABOVE 😂 — I love them all. The meditation cushion, yoga mat, bolster, acupuncture mat, booty bands, and the zabuton meditation cushion! All serve a purpose, function and make my self care practices feel so empowering. 
If you could share one message with millions of people, what would it be?
Be present. Be here now, on purpose.
All we ever have is NOW. ♥️

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